Our festival will begin on our YouTube channel, live concerts to follow later

Leading orchestras, choirs, soloists from Estonia and Israel, performing classical and jazz music

Founder and artistic director: Andres Mustonen.

MustonenFest 2021


Dear Friends of MustonenFest Tallinn – Tel Aviv!


Our annual landmark Estonian – Israeli cultural event, started in 2014, has taken place seven times: we managed to conclude the 7th festival in March last year, just days before the whole world became to a standstil

Now in 2021, we regret not to be able to offer you a new season, the 8th festival, in the traditional period and in the traditional form with Estonian musicians traveling to Israel and making music together with Israeli artists in several cities and places in Israel during some weeks. Instead, we hope to welcome you at our live concerts as soon as the situation allows, and spread our festival over several months. We’ll keep you posted!

Until then, we invite you to revive your memories and emotions, reviewing and listening again to some highlights of our festival: we have put together a collection of video and audio recordings of our joint concerts from the past years. Looking back, it is incredible the see how much we have created together!

In addition, we offer you also a couple of concerts recently recorded in Tallinn, featuring Israeli musicians together with Estonian groups. Have a look and you’ll certainly be surprised!

Enjoy the memories, enjoy the emotions, enjoy the MUSIC!   HERE 

We thank you all, our true friends, our audience, our supporters and partners, and our dear production team for your trust and patience!

See you soon!

Andres Mustonen

Founder and artistic leader


Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv Auditorium



Tallinn, Estonia



Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Gloria Dixit


Beit HaYotzer, Tel Aviv

Roni Ginossar & Art Jazz Quartet


Tallinn, Estonia

Jewish Music


Israel Conservatory, Tel Aviv

Sod Hakavana

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Bach Mass

San Marco

Tallinn, Estonia

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Johannes Passion

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