MustonenFest Tallinn-Tel Aviv is a celebrated Israeli-Estonian music festival with leading musicians from Israel and Estonia. 

Andres Mustonen is, an Estonian-born violinist, conductor and founder of MustonenFest share his repertoire of oratorios, passions and dramatic symphonic works, performing compositions by his contemporary composers with whom he feels a profound creative relationship.


Mustonen travels to perform with local orchestras, with Hortus Musicus, or as a soloist. In Israel, he has conducted Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Letzion, Israel Camerata, Kibbutz Netanya orchestra, and taken part in several festivals.

Mustonen also likes playing chamber music with his friends and fellows, and is appearing more and more with his Art Jazz Quartet.

אנדרס מוסטונן, מוסטונןפסט

The 7th Festival program brings 20 concerts in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and more venues in Israel, in addition will present ten programs with classical music and Jazz.