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Hortus Musicus is an Estonian ensemble that was established by Andres Mustonen. Hortus Musicus specialises in performing early music, including 8th–15th-century European forms such as Gregorian Chant, Organum, Medieval Liturgic Hymns and Motets, the Franco-Flemish School, and Renaissance Music (including French chansons, villanelles and Italian madrigals). The group also presents early, non-European styles including Indian Ragas, Israeli temple songs, Arabian Maqams and Jewish music. The group's repertoire has also included pieces by 20th-century composers.

ETERNAL LOVE | אהבה אינסופית
צפייה בסרטון

| Program no.2 |




Thursday, 14.2.19 • 20:00 Reccanati,

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

 Per Ticket: ₪ 100 

Traditional love songs from East and West
Participating ensembles Modalius from Israel and Hortus Musicus from Estonia

Hortus Musicus (Estonia)
Modalius (Israel)
Etty BenZaken, 
Vocalist (Israel)
Andres Mustonen, Conductor & Violin

Hortus Musicus

Andres Mustonen – leader, violin | Olev Ainomäe – shawm, oboe, recorder | Valter Jürgenson – trombone | Tõnis Kuurme – curtal, shawm, bassoon | Anto Õnnis – tenor, percussion | Imre Eenma – violine, contrabass | Ivo Sillamaa – harpsichord, organ, piano, Tõnis Kaumann – baritone, percussion | Riho Ridbeck – bass, percussion.

Modalius Ensemble is made of well-known Israeli soloists from the classical, ethnic and jazz scenes. The ensemble was founded and is directed by Etty BenZaken and Eitan Steinberg as a multi-stylistic, inter-cultural and interdisciplinary group. In its’ four years of existence the ensemble became known as a ground-breaking group whose programs bring together ethnic, contemporary and Early music. The ensemble’s debut CD “Joy שמחה فرحة” won critics’ acclaim, and it was recently followed by the  a new album of the ensemble's "Liberty - Otherness - Responsibilty" project.

Etty Ben-Zaken
Etty Ben-Zaken and Modalius

BenZaken – an acclaimed voice artist who perform contemporary works as well as ethnic music; Sarig Sela – a recorder player who is an expert in European Early music; Orit Messer-Jacobi – who plays the baroque cello and is also a conductor

of youth orchestras; Tal Feder – a double bass player renown in the Jazz and popular music scene; Oded Shoub – a renown classic guitar player; and Amnon Yoel – who plays a verity of drums and ethnic percussions. The composer, arranger and conductor is Eitan Steinberg, who often joins also as flutist, percussionist or accordion player. These core ensemble members are occasionally joined by visiting musicians on the Arabic violin and lute.

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